Mary Burke one-on-one with Charles Benson


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Mary Burke one-on-one with Charles Benson

By Charles Benson. CREATED Nov 22, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 22, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Madison businesswoman Mary Burke wants to take on Governor Scott Walker next year.

A big issue in the campaign will be Walker's collective bargaining reforms better known as Act 10. 
"I think Act 10 put us in a weaker position and left us divided as a state," said Burke. "So as a governor I would have negotiated firmly but fairly to get the changes that we needed in order to move the state forward."
Benson: So on the collective bargaining reforms, do you see any benefit for taxpayers with those reforms?
Burke: Well I think we did need to have some changes made. I think it was reasonable to ask our public sector employees to be paying part of their pension and health care that's what most people in the private sector face.
Burke's real life business experience includes years at her family owned bicycle company. 
"I think back to my days as Trek Bicycle, Trek's a great company," said Burke. "It's a great company because it has great people who are highly motivated and are accountable and are committed to the mission. I'd want to have the same thing in our public sector." 
Benson:I read that your brother called you the the brains of the family. Siblings aren't always so kind - was he being kind?
Burke: He was being kind. I've always been a great student and I'm proud of that fact but most of it comes from being a really hard worker.
For now Burke is the only Democrat in the governor's race. 
Watch for Charles Benson's one on one interview with Governor Scott Walker on Saturday. They will be talking about the election and Walker's new book.
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