Congressman Ryan appeals to college vote during trip to Carroll University


Congressman Ryan appeals to college vote during trip to Carroll University

By Charles Benson. CREATED Oct 15, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 15, 2012

WAUKESHA- Congressman Paul Ryan was on the campaign trail at Carroll University trying to win over the college vote.  Ryan also reminded voters absentee voting begins one week from Monday.

"Young people coming out of school, young people coming out of the prime of their life have no opportunities," said Ryan.

Ryan blamed President Obama for the nation's rising debt and struggling economy, a familiar theme for Mitt Romney's running mate.

He fielded questions about Medicare, ballots for veterans and the economy.

"What are you going to do for guys like me? For working stiffs," asked an unidentified union worker in the audience.

Ryan said lowering taxes for individuals and business would help grow the economy.
"If you lower tax rates for businesses then they have more for their businesses to expand to create more jobs. This is not a new idea, Jack Kennedy did this and it created jobs."

Holly Griffin didn't have a question for Ryan but a thank-you.  Ryan meet with her three years ago after her military husband died from a Gulf War illness.

"I called my mom and dad right after that meeting and I said: 'Mom, I think I just met a future president,'" said Griffin.

After the town hall meeting, Griffin told TODAY'S TMJ4 she's met a lot of politicians.

"He was honest to God the most sincere man I have ever met."

With three weeks to go, the Romney-Ryan ticket hopes events like the one in Waukesha will give them the momentum and message they need to win battleground Wisconsin.

Polls released last week show President Obama with anywhere between a two- to four-point lead over Mitt Romney in Wisconsin.

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