Parents not notified about violent fight at Whitefish Bay High School

Parents not notified about violent fight at Whitefish Bay High School

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED May 29, 2012

WHITEFISH BAY- A violent fight at Whitefish Bay High School sent one student to the hospital and another to jail.

Several squad cars and an ambulance were called to the scene.

Dozens of kids packed into the boys locker room to watch the fight -- but nobody stopped it and parents were never told.

Just minutes after classes let out, dozens of kids rushed to the boys locker room -- ready to see a fight.

A police report gives a blow-by-blow account of what happened inside.  The report says the 16-year-old boys were friends but fought over a girl.  They had planned to meet inside the locker room and settle the argument with their fists.

Paramedics found one teen laying on the ground semi-conscious, in a pool of blood.  The kid who punched him -- took off running.

Police officers busted him a few blocks away.

The teen was thrown into the back of  a squad; the entire incident kept from parents at Whitefish Bay with no notes or emails sent home.

The principal refused to answer the TODAY'S TMJ4's Rob Koebel's questions on camera, but sent an email instead, saying: "We don't typically notify parents of such an occurrence at our school."

The email also said the school made sure the two students involved in the fight, suffered consequences.  And that the school followed up with the students who watched the fight, but didn't do anything to stop it.

One teen got a ticket for battery.  The other for disorderly conduct.

Both were also suspended from school.

The I-Team found out about this fight from worried parents, wanting to know why they had to find out about it from their kids and not the school.

Those parents were too scared to talk on camera, in fear their own kids would be picked on in school.