Exposing more Milwaukee parking ticket problems

Exposing more Milwaukee parking ticket problems

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED May 23, 2012 - UPDATED: May 23, 2012

MILWAUKEE- New information on a big I-Team investigation.

Tuesday night, the I-Team exposed thousands of Milwaukee parking tickets that shouldn't have been written.

Fixing Milwaukee's parking ticket problem is a big task, as more than 38-thousand tickets voided by the city last year.

Milwaukee's parking ticket policy is simple -- issue the citation and straighten it out later.  Which means you get to spend hours, sometimes, clearing your name for a ticket you didn't deserve.

Last year, 15,971 overnight parking tickets were overturned along with 7,991 expired meter violations, where the meter was actually paid; 3,125 voided tickets for alternate side parking -- where the car was on the correct side of the street!

Now, one Milwaukee alderman has a solution -- that could eliminate an entire category of bad tickets.  Alderman Nik Kovac's solution -- end alternate side parking altogether, except for snow or street cleaning. 

Though he has not been able to convince public works to support his plan, pulling back the curtain on Milwaukee's ticketing policy -- touched a nerve on Facebook, with more than 100 people added their two cents

The Department of Public Works insists this is not a ploy to make more money.

But -- if all of these unneeded tickers were paid last year -- Milwaukee would have made another million dollars off parking fines.