Broken promises over trip to Packers road game

Broken promises over trip to Packers road game

By Rob Koebel. CREATED Feb 15, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 15, 2012

GREEN BAY- Major developments in a big I-Team investigation.  She was promised a trip with the Green Bay Packers -- but that promise was broken. 

The I-Team's Rob Koebel's working to get the fan answers and now he delivers some surprising news.

You may remember she shelled out big bucks - $12,000 at a charity auction to travel with the team for an away game and even fly on the team plane. 

Now the I-Team is getting some answers about that promised trip.  Michelle Maciosek isn't trying to hide her frustration.  For eight months she's been trying to book her dream trip.  "It pisses me off.  I am sorry I said it," said Maciosek .

She won the trip at the Greg Jennings Celebrity Golf Tournament last June.   The winning bid was $12,000.  The money raised went to the Jennings foundation -- a charity which helps fund children's education in Michigan and Wisconsin.  The event, plus the auction items were provided by Elite Sports and Public Relations and its co-founder, Stacy Jenson.
"She made the promises, she got the package, she promised the package," said Maciosek.
After numerous broken promises -- promises that Elite Sports would provide a list of available dates so Michelle could pick which away game she could go to -- promises that Elite Sports would give her $12,000 back because the season had come and gone and Michelle was never able to travel with the Packers.

Michelle, frustrated, came to the I-Team hoping we could get her answers.  The I-Team took the case and went to the home of Stacy Jenson.

There was no answer, so the I-Team finds Deb Schmitz, the company's co-founder.
Rob Koebel: "Can we ask you some questions? Hey Deb?  I have some questions about the charity."
Again no answers.  After seeing our story and Michelle's fight to get her trip, Greg Jennings and his wife Nicole reached out to Michelle telling her they would refund her the $12,000 she donated,  because Elite Sports never paid her back.
"We intended to make a contribution,  we got a little excited that night because of the Packers, it was a Super Bowl team and it went higher than we thought, but you know what, I made a contribution," said Michelle Maciosek.
Michelle isn't taking her money back and away from the foundation.

Rob Koebel:  "What did you tell them?"
Michelle Maciosek:  "I told them, don't even send it because I am just going to drop it back in the mail and refuse it."
The Jennings sent this statement to the I-Team about the trip.
"The Greg Jennings Foundation sincerely apologizes for this unfortunate situation and admits to using poor judgment in choosing Stacy Jenson and Elite Sports to facilitate our golf outing."

Maciosek told the I-Team, "She (Jenson) is screwing people I can't let that happen.  She is taking people and making promises and she is not following through and she is using charities to do it - that's wrong".
Michelle showed us this email sent just before our first story was to air.  It's from Denis Regan - Stacy Jenson's attorney.

"The letter said that they would give me my $12,000 back.  However, I had to respond that day, which I wasn't even around.  Respond that day and agree to confidentiality."

But Michelle was out of town at the time and didn't respond until a week later.

In this email she agreed to Elite Sports' terms, but she hasn't heard back from them since -- and hasn't seen a check for $12,000 either.

"It made me very upset," said Maciosek.

Originally, Elite Sports told the I-Team it would send Michelle to an away game in the 2012 season, since this season had come and gone.

But this Packers fan was skeptical.  So the I-Team contacted the Green Bay Packers to find out if this was legit, or another broken promise.

Rob Koebel: "I talked to the Packers organization -- some bad news.  That was never a feasible auction item is what they told me".

Michelle Maciosek: "Shut Up!  The Packers told you that?  So we finally get answers it couldn't be done".

The Packers sent the I-Team this statement, saying: "The team was unaware of the situation until seeing our report and such an auction item would not be feasible."

So this Packer fan is grounded -- no trip for her, but Michelle says she will fight on and hopes Stacy Jenson stops making promises she cannot keep.

"I am heart-broken because there is somebody out there still doing this," said Maciosek.

This investigation is not over.  The I-Team's been talking to Stacy Jenson and her attorney for days now.  They say they are out of town this week, but promise to sit down with the I-Team and give some answers as soon as they return.