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Volunteers wanted to verify recall signatures

Volunteers wanted to verify recall signatures

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Dec 9, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec 9, 2011

MILWAUKEE- A new political watchdog group claims they want volunteers to help verify signatures in the effort to recall Governor Walker.

There are several offices set up all over the state that have been helping collect the signatures needed for a recall election and if enough are gathered -- they still need to be verified.
Larry Gamble is the spokesperson for "The Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty," and his non-profit group teamed up with another non-profit "We The People Of The Republic" to verify every signature that comes in for the recall effort against Governor Scott Walker.
"Three thousand people volunteered in the first few days that's awesome," said Gamble. "We are doing this working with the GAB because they are on the record saying they don't have the resources to validate every single signature and as concerned citizens that's a way to be involved". 
Gamble claims this is a non-partisan effort to make sure that the recall signatures are being collected legally -- nothing more than just that.

Gamble is with the website called Verify The Recall.
However Wisconsin Democratic Party Spokesman Graeme Zielinski says don't be fooled by what these two non-profit organizations are really trying to do, telling TODAY'S TMJ4, "I have no doubt this is being done in coordination with Scott Walker and the Republican Party -- no doubt in my mind." Zielinski points out the pasts of both organizations, saying "they (the non-profit groups) said they would be involved in voter intimidation against Democratic candidates. These are bad actors up to no good."
Zielinski claims the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty were involved in a 2010 "voting caging" scheme, and this current effort by the group is only another way to try and discredit the recall signatures collected. "They have conducted possibly illegal activity they said they would be involved in voter caging against African-Americans," said Zielinski. 
Larry Gamble responded to that claim saying, "They have always been attacking us simply because we are on two different sides of the coin.  So it won't be anything new."
The GAB says it will take at least sixty days to verify all the signatures once they have been collected and submitted.