Taxpayers owe state about $750 million in back taxes

Taxpayers owe state about $750 million in back taxes

By Steve Chamraz. CREATED Jul 26, 2011

MADISON - At a time Wisconsin needs all the money it can get, the state said Monday delinquent taxpayers owe almost $750 million.

The state released a new website revealing a list of the "top 100" people who owe back taxes.
At the top of the list is one of the NBA's biggest bad boys, Latrell Sprewell.
In the latest chapter of his rocky financial life, Sprewell owes Wisconsin more than $3.5 million in back income taxes.
But the list of delinquent taxpayers released today is mostly names you've never heard.

The list includes James Douglas, whose last known address was a house on 67th Street in Wauwatosa.

Douglas owes Wisconsin more than $1.1 million in withholding, sales and income taxes.

Also on the list is William Foley of Pewaukee, who owes another $1.1 million in taxes.

Dilipkumar Patel is on the hook for just over a million, and Tad Hellmann owes the state a shade over $700,000.

Hellman said the tax bill is the result of a failed business and he's stuck to work out payments with the state.

"They're from 1994 and from a business I didn't even own," he said. "I got hung with them as an employee and I work with the (state) every month on it and i'm coming to a resolution."

In addition to the amounts owed, the state's list also describes the kind of taxes that it wants to collect.

To see this list for yourself, click here.

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