Funeral service held for Purdue shooting victim


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Funeral service held for Purdue shooting victim

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Jan 28, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 28, 2014

WEST BEND -- A week after a sudden loss, the absence of Andrew Boldt is just starting to set in.

More than 1,000 friends, fellow students, and family members gathered at Boldt’s church in West Bend for the young man’s funeral.

Boldt, 21, was killed on the campus of Purdue University last week. His alleged killer is in police custody.

"Today's the reality for me of knowing that he's gone, and it's surreal and very difficult,” explained Jean Morrell, Andrew’s math teacher at Marquette University High School.

Wisconsin friends weren’t alone in their grief. Charter buses filled with Purdue students arrived in time for Boldt’s funeral.

"I would suggest our students honor Andrew by trying to be the kind of student that he was, and that won't be easy," said Mitch Daniels, Perdue’s president.

Boldt will be laid to rest Wednesday.