Chinese spot has 20 violations


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Chinese spot has 20 violations

By Courtny Gerrish. CREATED Sep 4, 2014

MILWAUKEE - A Chinese spot is still not getting the all-clean after health inspectors go back through the restaurant. Here's what they were doing wrong.

We went to New China Buffet on 108th and National in West Allis. First inspected two weeks ago, this spot had 20 violations, like an employee not washing their hands before touching food and utensils.

Spaghetti noodles were sitting out at room temperature. Also raw meat, shrimp and veggies were not kept cold enough. The restaurant was improperly thawing food, and the ice machine was not being cleaned enough.

The health inspector went through New China Buffet again last week. There were still no expiration dates on cooked chicken, pans of meat were still sitting on the kitchen floor, and the kitchen ceiling had not been cleaned. It's yellow from grease and dirt.

When we stopped by we were not allowed inside. We left a message but never heard back. The health inspector will be back, for a third visit.

Also having problems - The Packing House on Layton near the airport. The restaurant was fined for food temperature issues, no expiration dates on some food, and flies.

Getting the all-clean - Who's on Third, and Milwaukee's Pub on Old World Third and State.

Courtny Gerrish

Courtny Gerrish

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