Pulled pork replaces motorcycle parts for Blue Ribbon Dining


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Pulled pork replaces motorcycle parts for Blue Ribbon Dining

By James Kust. CREATED Jul 31, 2014

MILWAUKEE - From motorcycles, to BBQ, and a local pub in two locations. All have clean health inspections. We're handing out Blue Ribbon Awards this week.

Pulled pork replaces motorcycle parts.  Milwaukee Smoked BBQ on Whitnall and Howard used to be a motorcycle repair shop.  "Three years ago we decided to switch it, because we couldn't sell motorcycles out of here.  We needed to make a little extra money," owner Brian Brieske told us.
At the urging of family and friends, Brieske and co-owner Don Michals decided to go with their hobby, BBQ.  "We worked with the health department hand in hand the whole time we were building this place so we knew exactly what we had to do."
They converted everything themselves, and even built their own smoker. They also work hard to keep up with health guidelines.  Brieske said, "having good employees we can count on really goes a long way."
For its clean health inspection Milwaukee Smoked BBQ gets our first Blue Ribbon Award.
It's the lunch hour over at Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub on Bluemound Road in Wauwatosa.  Co-owner Mark Zierath just had the kitchen overhauled.
"We take sanitation and food handling very seriously," he told us.  Zierath believes it's all about staying on top of things.  "Our chefs do a very good job, and we stress to them the cleaner things are and the more organized you are the easier it is to function on a busy day."
Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub in Tosa and the downtown location both had clean health inspections. For that we give them our second Blue Ribbon Award.
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