West Milwaukee market faces hefty fines from the health department


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West Milwaukee market faces hefty fines from the health department

By Courtny Gerrish. CREATED Aug 28, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 29, 2014

A market in West Milwaukee has violation after violation. The owners are now also facing some hefty fines from the health department.

It's Cermak Fresh Market on Miller Park Way. The inspector found 17 violations like packaged cheese stored in a container with raw chicken and deli salads past the "use by" date. One was labeled August 6, the other July 30.
"It was a salad item," said store manager Joe Marano. "Just one individual item out of thousands of things that we carried."  
Marano said the food was later thrown out.
There were flies throughout the store. The inspector wants pest control to come in more often.  
"We actually did contact him already," Marano said. "They're coming in."
Soup, rice and empanadas were not reheated properly. Trays in the meat department were only being rinsed off and not washed with soap and then sanitized. 
The health inspector ordered employees to be trained on a more frequent basis.  
"It's very hard too to keep up with a store like this because everything we do is from scratch," Marano said.  
He said Cermak will start putting ingredient labels on its food -- something that has been a repeat problem at the store. As for its seven repeat violations, the health department fined Cermak $3,500.
Also having problems this week,  a restaurant Dirty Dining has been to before. It's China King on Chase near Oklahoma. Chicken and pork were sitting out at room temperature and there were expired egg rolls and flies in the kitchen.
Keeping it clean this week, Happy Wok Chinese Restaurant on 124th Street near North Avenue in Wauwatosa.
Courtny Gerrish

Courtny Gerrish

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