Pizza place, food truck get Blue Ribbon awards

Pizza place, food truck get Blue Ribbon awards

By Courtny Gerrish. CREATED Jul 25, 2013

MILWAUKEE - We're doing some clean dining this week!  A south side pizza place with a years old recipe for success and desserts and sliders, on wheels.  Both get the Blue Ribbon Award.

Maria's Pizza on 51st and Forest Home: Doing traditional thin crust pizza since 1957.  "We lived above the restaurant and worked ever since, all of us first jobs only jobs," Bonnie Crivello told us. Her mom, Maria, started the business.  
Now Bonnie and her two nieces own the place and have not changed a thing.  Maria Story pointed out, "this is the way we make it this is what we do."
And the secret to making the pizza so good?  "Homemade" both co-owners answered at once. Maria makes all the dough and everything is fresh.  And spotless, everywhere you look in this kitchen.  
"We have an open kitchen everybody can see what we do so it's gotta be clean," Maria pointed out.  It's another Momma Maria standard.  
For its clean health inspection, Maria's Pizza gets our first Blue Ribbon Award.
And all around town "Hattie's" food truck is picking up summer customers.  Heatherlee Muehlius has two passions in life, teaching ESL students and "definitely baking and cooking it relaxes me, especially after a long day of teaching."
She started the truck two years ago.  On the menu, gourmet sliders.  "Most popular is the jerk chicken with homemade mango slaw."  Heatherlee calls it "awesome."  And then there's dessert, "I have homemade cheesecake lollipops and cupcakes."  
For Hattie's food truck summer schedule check out the website:
In addition to the truck there is also the base service kitchen to keep clean.  That's where all the food prep happens.  Because both have a clean health inspection, Hattie's gets our second Blue Ribbon Award.
Courtny Gerrish

Courtny Gerrish

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