A south-side restaurant has a long history of violations


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A south-side restaurant has a long history of violations

By Michael Bischoff. CREATED Dec 19, 2013

A south side restaurant with troubles in the kitchen, and this spot's problems date back to 2009. Here's what the owner was ordered to clean up.

It's JC King's on 13th near Oklahoma. For many it's a go-to place for authentic Mexican food, but there are ongoing problems in the kitchen that date back four years.

This time JC King's had refried beans that were too warm and beef sitting out, 25 degrees warmer than is safe. A repeat problem for this restaurant.

Wiping cloths sitting on a table were used to prep food. They're supposed to be in sanitizer to prevent cross contamination. Beef and pork were sitting on the kitchen floor in buckets, thawing. JC King's was ordered to clean all floors, walls and areas where food is prepared. Bowls were also being used to scoop rice, instead of an actual scoop with a handle.

We asked an employee to call the owner for comment. We heard back from a friend of the owner who says he's cleaning it all up.

Also having problems - O'Lydia's Bar and Grill in Walker's Point. A cook touched buns with bare hands, and old food was thrown out during the inspection.

Keeping it clean on its last inspection - Harry O's 2nd Base in West Allis.