Pallas Restaurant facing critical health violations

Pallas Restaurant facing critical health violations

By Courtny Gerrish. CREATED Jan 5, 2012 - UPDATED: Jan 5, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Some critical violations for this West Allis family owned restaurant.

Pallas Restaurant on 108th a few blocks south of Greenfield. Everything from burgers to gyros on the menu but this spot had some cleaning up to do starting with the kitchen floor and walls.

Manager Yiannis Glavas agreed to show us the kitchen.  Food in a prep cooler was too warm.  Ham was at 58 degrees and raw chicken at 54. Safe cold temperature is 41 degrees.  Glavas tells us there's nothing wrong with the cooler and that the temperature shift came from so many customers. "When it's busy it's always open but..that day was during lunchtime so it was pretty busy."

Inspectors also found no expiration dates on prepared food, shelf life is seven days, and a handwash sink not being used by cooks as "frequently as needed."

Glavas says the restaurant has no past problems with its health inspections, "it was a day that we got all our deliveries and all that stuff. We were running behind, a little short staffed."

Inspectors also found a dog kennel, and food and water dishes stored in a banquet room.  Glavas says a construction worker took it out of his truck to make space.  There was never an actual dog.

Pallas Restaurant was reinspected and all the violations were corrected.

Courtny Gerrish

Courtny Gerrish

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