Ya Ya China

Ya Ya China

By Courtny Gerrish. CREATED Dec 15, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec 15, 2011

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MILWAUKEE- More problems for a Chinese place on Milwaukee's northside. We pay this spot a visit for the third time!

"Ya Ya China" on Hampton and Appleton Avenue. TODAY'S TMJ4 was here in 2006 and 2010. They continue to have some of the same problems like no sanitizer in the restaurant. The health inspector sent an employee out to buy some.

Food equipment was not being cleaned and sanitized before used with food. There were also dirty wiping cloths lying around.

The owner doesn't know much English but says she understands what they're doing wrong. She said, "the inspector told me very clearly so we understand."

Understand problems like employees eating in the food prep area. We saw an open bottle of water sitting by uncovered containers of food, a cross contamination risk.

And this repeat violation, "Ya Ya China" was not dating cooked food like pork, egg rolls, noodles and chicken. The expiration date on prepared food is seven days.

"Ya Ya China" was fined; the owner tells me they're cleaning everything up.

Courtny Gerrish

Courtny Gerrish

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