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How to get the best surgical care

How to get the best surgical care

By Karen Stiles. CREATED Sep 10, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Having surgery can be scary, especially if you are not clued in to the expertise of the hospital or surgeon. However, there are a few things that you can do to alleviate these fears, and ensure that you receive the best care possible.

So what can people do before having surgery to help things go more smoothly?

Before having surgery, ask a lot of questions about the procedure, the expertise and reputation of the surgeon and hospital. You can also get a second opinion or check out the reputation of the doctor or hospital on your own. And be honest and informative with your doctor and the hospital staff about your medical history, including any medications that you are taking, or any illnesses that you may be battling prior to surgery. It is also a good idea to take someone along with you that will act on your behalf, preferably someone you have legally designated as a power of attorney for your healthcare.

In addition to talking things through with your doctor and the hospital staff, make sure that the person you bring with you has been to pre-surgical appointments, and that they are fully aware of your health history and wishes for the type of care your expect to receive. If you are unable to act on your own behalf, your power of attorney for healthcare can do this for you. They can also take notes and ask questions that you may have not thought to ask.

If you or your power of attorney for healthcare are unable to resolve an issue with the doctor of a member of the hospital staff, ask to speak to a manager, patient relations, hospital or clinic administrative staff, or, if all else fails, consider legal action.