Book now to get best deals on holiday travel

Book now to get best deals on holiday travel

By Karen Stiles. CREATED Oct 29, 2013

MILWAUKEE - If you plan to get away for the holidays, you need to take action now to get the best rates for airfares and hotels. As the holidays approach travel costs begin to rise and options become scarce.

To get the best deals, here are some things that you might want to consider:
Shop around online at different times of the day or night for specials on airfares and hotels. Some airlines offer limited, lower fares just after midnight during midweek. If your schedule is flexible, check out alternative dates and times for travel. You may find that fares could be as much as 50 percent lower by traveling on the holiday or on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

To avoid excess baggage fees, consider shipping gifts or other items ahead of time.
Contact a hotel’s direct and ask about discounts, or packages that might be offered.

Although many hotels may require a multi-night stay at the time of reservation, some will allow you to check out early without having to pay for extra nights.

And, consider buying travel insurance that will provide coverage for delayed or canceled trips, protection for unexpected illnesses, or reimbursement for lost packages and luggage.

Make those travel plans early so that you can get the best deals now.