Financial help for tax filers

Financial help for tax filers

By Karen Stiles. CREATED Mar 26, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Have you been avoiding filing your taxes because you could not afford it?

Depending upon your income and circumstances, you may be able to get some help.

What kind of help is available for people who need help filing a return?

If you are elderly, disabled, a member of the military, or have low to moderate income, you may be eligible for free tax filing assistance through a volunteer income tax assistance (VITA) program or a Taxpayer Counseling for the elderly (TCE) Program.

There are a number of VITA and TCE sites located at libraries, community centers, or churches.

However, you need to act fast because many of the openings at these sites fill up, quickly, especially as the April 15th deadline gets closer.

How can people learn more about these programs or locate a site near them?

Contact or visit the website for the IRS, AARP, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or your local library or community center.

What do you do if you owe money for your taxes and cannot afford to pay?

Do not wait to ask for help.

Contact the IRS, AARP, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue immediately.

Explain your situation, and ask about payment plans or other options that may be available to help you pay what is owed.

The sooner you contact them, the more options that will likely be available.