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New scam targets social security beneficiaries

New scam targets social security beneficiaries

By Karen Stiles. CREATED Nov 4, 2012

MILWAUKEE - If you or someone you know is receiving social security, listen up.

Scam artists are at it again with a new scheme to de-fraud those who are receiving benefits.

There is a new scam targeting those who are receiving social security.

This time, it involves a scam artist obtaining enough personal information from a recipient, and then using this information to have a recipient's monthly benefit deposited into the scammers bank account.

To avoid falling victim to this scam, here is what you can do:

• No matter how legitimate the caller, e-mail, or letter may seem, never provide any personal information such as social security numbers, date of birth, or banking information without first checking things out with your local social security office.

• Do whatever you can to safeguard your personal information by shredding documents when they are no longer needed, and refrain from carrying documents with this sensitive information in a purse or wallet unless you know for sure it will be needed that day.

• Watch your bank statements on a regular basis and report any problems with social security deposits or other suspicious activity immediately.

If you receive a strange phone call, e-mail, or letter, report it to your local social security office and consumer agencies.

Your information could help these agencies to alert others and put a stop to these scams.