Are work at home jobs for real?

Are work at home jobs for real?

By Karen Stiles. CREATED Feb 14, 2012

Are those work at home jobs that you see advertised online for real?  Maybe not.

Are any of these jobs legitimate or are they just too good to be true?

Let's face it, when it is cold outside and funds are tight, who would not want to work from home?

Although there are some offers that may be legitimate, you really need to watch out.

There are a lot of these schemes out there that are either down right scams or not quite as lucrative as they seem.

What are some tell tale signs that it is a scam or a scheme?

• Look at the overall webpage.

Do you notice fuzzy images, spelling or grammer errors, or a page design that does not look very professional?

• Watch out for offers that promise hundreds or thousands of dollars each week for little to no work.

• Be particularly careful about any site that wants you to send money or asks you to provide a lot of personal information, including social security numbers or banking information.

How can you find offers that might be legitimate?

Try looking at opportunities that are local and that you can check out with state or consumer agencies like the department of financial institutions, better business bureau, or consumer protection.

If possible, talk to others who have worked for the company and ask a lot of questions like how much work is expected, how much can you reasonably expect to make for the work done, and consistency of being paid when promised.

Follow the golden rule.  If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.