Putting brakes on used car purchase

Putting brakes on used car purchase

By Karen Stiles. CREATED Feb 11, 2012

Are you hoping to get a good deal on a used car before someone else snatches it up?

Before you fall for high pressure sales tactics, or deals that seem too good to be true, it might be a good idea to put on the brakes and check things out.
•    Before you head out to look for a car, know what you want, what you can afford, and what you should expect to pay.

Reputable websites like edmunds.com and kelleybluebook.com can provide some good information about some of the features of the vehicle, projected purchase and maintenance costs, and potential problems.

•    Shop around for financing with your bank or credit union.

There can be a big difference in what you are offered from a car dealership verses a credit union or bank.
•    Know who and what you are dealing with before you sign, pay, or agree to any kind of a deal.

•    If you plan to buy from a private seller, do not go alone and make sure that you are viewing the car in a well lit, busy area.
•    Before you buy, test drive the vehicle and have it thoroughly inspected by your own mechanic.

•    It might also be a good idea to run your own carfax.

This could alert you to previous damage or fraud issues that may be involved with the vehicle.

It is easy to get caught up in the urgency to grab what may seem to be a good deal that could go fast.

However, save yourself from having future headaches by checking things out before it is too late.