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Zielinski, former Democratic Party spokesperson, under fire for tweet


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Zielinski, former Democratic Party spokesperson, under fire for tweet

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Feb 24, 2014

MILWAUKEE - Graeme Zielinski tweeted "We can all agree that @MCSOSheriff's wife should have a gun (so she can shoot him). @wisgop"  

Tweets like that have Zielinski back in the news.  Zielinski was removed from his position as communications director of the state Democratic party after he compared Governor Walker to Jeffrey Dahmer.
On Newsradio 620 WTMJ Sheriff Clarke told Charlie Sykes he won't put up with it.
"When you start talking about the idea of shooting or having someone shoot or wish someone would shoot you as a law enforcement officer, it really strikes a chord," Clarke said.
Clarke plans to sit down with an attorney to consider a restraining order or lawsuit against Zielinski.
"That's the kind of stuff I do take seriously.  I have several restraining orders out currently against people who have threatened violence against me," Clarke said.
Clarke accused Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele of paying Zielinski for the tweets.  That's something Abele denies, but he did hire Zielinski for $10,000 last summer to be a "political consultant" and advise Abele on candidates he should endorse.
Abele says he disagrees with the tweets, and says his relationship with Zielinski ended before this tweet came out.
"I'm not going to work with anybody and certainly support that kind of inflammatory rhetoric," Abele said.