Winter weather won't stop holiday shoppers

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Winter weather won't stop holiday shoppers

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Dec 14, 2013

 With just a week and a half until Christmas, the latest winter storm wasn't enough to keep people from piling into stores.

Jason Shoemann and Adrienne Benson wanted to get in one more trip to the record store this weekend.

Jason Schoemann: "It's slippery out but it doesn't seem death defying or anything like that."

But, Jason and Adrienne decided to skip the ride and go for a walk.

"That's why we had to leave. We're like, let's go before it gets worse."

And it was already bad enough to cause a single car slip up on Capitol Drive.

Gus Williams says he was simply going a little too fast when he slid in the fresh snow and hit a light pole.

"We came around the corner and I touched on the breaks. As soon as I touched the breaks, she started spinning."

So if you feel like you have to get out to get that special gift, Gus has some advice.

Gus Williams: "A word of caution, slow down."