Whitefish Bay school battles heat on first day of classes


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Whitefish Bay school battles heat on first day of classes

By Yona Gavino. CREATED Aug 25, 2014

WHITEFISH BAY -- Just in time for a steamy summer day -- it's the first day of school.

St. Monica School in Whitefish Bay is back in session.

The weather's hot and sticky, but the students didn't seem to mind.

"I like the weather,” says second grader Ziddane Isahaku. “At least it isn't last winter. I’m a little nervous because I'm starting a new school; I’ve never been here before,” adds Isahaku. “We just moved to the area." 

When the morning bell rang, the students filed in through the doors. There's no air conditioning inside St. Monica. Teachers are doing what they can to keep kids comfortable.

Inside some classrooms, lights are shut off to keep the kids cool. Over here, there's a fan going on at full blast, and a window cracked open to let in a good breeze.

All the windows in the school are open. School officials say they expect this heat wave to pass soon. While they don't plan on letting kids out early, they are keeping an eye on things.

"Some parts of the building are hotter,” notes Lori Schramka of St. Monica School. “Some parts are more cool. We'll move the kids around. Sometimes we'll take them into the church and have them sit there for reading time. We just adapt as we go through it."

Yona Gavino

Yona Gavino

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