Wauwatosa postal carrier threatened, chased while on job


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Wauwatosa postal carrier threatened, chased while on job

By Charles Benson. CREATED Aug 22, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 22, 2013

WAUWATOSA - A postal carrier is chased down and threatened by an upset homeowner in Wauwatosa.

Police were called to North 69th Street and West Center Street by a female postal worker who said she was being held against her will.
The letter carrier was doing her job when a man got upset that a check he was expecting didn't arrive in the mail.
"She was scared to death," said Lula Gholson.
Gholson knows why police and postal inspectors were across the street from her apartment building. 
She sheltered the carrier who was trying to get away from an angry customer.
"The man was trying to come in so my brother came out and he was pushing the man out and locked the door," said Gholson.
Once inside, the carrier called 911 and postal inspectors while the man waited outside.
"He said something about a check. What? She ain't got it. How are you going to make her hand you a check?" Gholson asked.
The confrontation started outside the man's apartment and ended up across a busy street when the postal worker ran for safety and the man followed her.
"He wouldn't leave, he stayed here," said Gholson. He kept saying "'I want to talk to to her. I want to talk to her.' I wasn't going to let her go out there. I didn't know what he's going to do."
We're told the same man confronted a different postal carrier for the same reason Wednesday. The Post Office says the female on Thursday was not injured. 
"We do have instances where people are upset but normally they are handled in a civil manner," said Postal Inspector Brian Haraway.
Wauwatosa Police say the man who confronted the letter carrier was issued disorderly conduct citations for both incidents.
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