Wausaukee WWII survivor writes book about Nazi Germany


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Wausaukee WWII survivor writes book about Nazi Germany

By John Maino. CREATED Oct 10, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 11, 2013

WAUSAUKEE - A woman Wausaukee survived unbelievable hardship while growing up in Nazi Germany during World War II, and was encouraged to put her story down on paper

This past week, Helga Kelly made her debut as an author.

The Wausaukee Library was a busy place last weekend as one of its own signed and sold books at a steady pace. A child's story. The story of Helga and her family fighting for survival in Nazi Germany. She says the writing was therapeutic.

"It helped me a lot writing it down, yeah," she said.

Although, no amount of writing will erase all the memories.

Kelly says, "The nightmares of the bombing and the people getting shot, that's never going to leave me."

It's the story of a mother who fought with unyielding courage to protect her children.

"My mother was a hero, definitely, yes."

It's a history lesson and an eye opener on the effects of war on those who were caught in the middle.

"It is really real and dangerous, so people should understand that it can happen to anyone," said Kelly.

It's a unique perspective from those who were technically on the enemy's side, but honestly had no choice.

"There were many people who didn't want to have anything to do with Hitler, but if you didn't sign up with the party, you didn't get a ration card for food. So before starving, they'd rather sign up."

Many of Kelly's stories are tremendously personal and painful.

"The parts where uncle was shot and when our friend from the Schram family got shot. I don't really want to relive that."

But it's safe to say, the story does have a happy ending, because through all the tribulations and tragedy, Helga is living in Wausaukee and enjoying..."Freedom. Freedom, and this wonderful part of the country here."

Kelly is selling her book over the Internet. If you'd like a copy, email her at Helga001@Centurytel.net.