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Union Grove man giving away home to displaced mobile home residents


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Union Grove man giving away home to displaced mobile home residents

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Feb 5, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 5, 2014

UNION GROVE - The guy living in this mobile home was so moved by the evictions at Evergreen Court he's ready to just move out and give someone his home - and today we began to connect him with people who desperately want it.

Trina Flores' nine year old daughter let out a happy scream when we told them they might be moving to Union Grove.

"She's like if we have to leave there then I wanna be closer to Grandma. So then we saw this and it was like wow," said Flores.

"Probably be awesome mostly because I'm gonna be in the same school as my cousins so that would be cool. We can like do homework together and everything," said Gabriella Flores.

The two rushed down to see it and instantly fell in love.

"So did it kinda feel like it was meant to be?" I asked.

"Yeah. But not if my credit score is not high enough," said Flores.
Although Don Kolonick is giving away the mobile home, whoever moves in will still have to pay a monthly fee to the owner of the land it sits on. That's $370.

Now the front office is running a background check. Don Kolonick hopes she gets it. He can relate to being down on your luck.

"I was on welfare for awhile there. I had to wash police cars and I had a sad story, I was down and out but I'm fine now so there we go, share the wealth or whatever you wanna call it," said Kolonick.

If the Flores family doesn't get the home, Kolonick would still like to donate it to someone who has been forced to leave Evergreen Court.
Michele Fiore

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