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Two men survive stormy Friday on Lake Delavan


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Two men survive stormy Friday on Lake Delavan

By Shannon Sims. CREATED Aug 30, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 30, 2013

LAKE DELAVAN - Levi Dish and his buddy set out for day of fishing on a calm Lake Delavan when the sky turned black and the winds whipped up.

"The waves were splashing so much by the time we took on the 20th wave it submerged [the boat.]"

Once the small fishing boat flipped and began to sink, Dish says there was not enough time to grab the lifejackets on board. They hung onto this cooler for dear life for nearly 45 minutes, until they were rescued.

"We saw two people come out with umbrellas, thank God, I just started screaming for help, lucky they heard."

Levi admits his pride is a little bruised, but this near death experience won't stop him from getting back on the water again.

Shannon Sims

Shannon Sims

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