Two charged with homicide in death of Glendale man

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Two charged with homicide in death of Glendale man

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Nov 15, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 15, 2013

GLENDALE - Two men are accused of strangling a Glendale man in his own home. The details of the criminal complaint are horrifying.

Police say Nicholas Retzlaff and Robert Christophel turned a Glendale home into a house of horrors. According to the criminal complaint, the two decided on November 5th they were going to "steal things" from Peter Holzberger's house. His neighbors say he's been a target before.

"There have been several robberies at his place and the homes on this street in this neighhborhood have never been touched as far as I know."

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The two men got to the house and grabbed the victim. Retzlaff told police it "looked like he had a broken neck but appeared to be breathing." They took it a step further and "tied up" Holzberger and put "bungee cords" around his neck.

They carried him downstairs and tied his hands and legs together before hiding his body under a mound of his own possessions. Neighbors say he was known as a hoarder.

“He doesn't really keep the place up. He's got stuff all over the place."

Retzlaff admitted to loading their van with his stuff and coming back "a number of times" over the next few days to get more. They also used his debit card "numerous times after they killed him."

At one point, Retzlaff said "they needed to burn down the house" but never did.

Both men face life sentences if they're convicted.