Tips to keep your car running in the cold

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Tips to keep your car running in the cold

By Yona Gavino. CREATED Jan 3, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 3, 2014

Monday’s high temperature isn't expected to get above zero. A lot of people are worried about their car not starting.

There will be wind chills in the negatives. We talked to one driver who was out getting his SUV ready for the conditions.

Kendall Gould doesn't want to have any problems starting his car when that bitter blast hits.

"I have kids. My daughter has to go to school,” shares Gould. “I have to get to work. You know if your car isn’t running right, that can mess up your whole day or your whole week."

Make sure your battery is strong. If it's four years or older, you could have problems starting your car, especially if it sits outside.

"If you have a strong battery and a well-maintained car that's tuned up, you should be okay,” points out John Haunfelder of Jerry’s Automotive Service. “If you don't, you're going to be in trouble. It’s going to act up on that morning."

Another tip is to make sure your anti-freeze is in good condition. Haunfelder has seen a lot of cars come in for weather-related problems.

Also, make sure your oil change is current. Dirty oil could cause engine problems.  And don't forget to check your tire pressure.

When the temperature drops below 0, you can lose up to a pound of pressure in your tires. It unsafe and can cause unnecessary wear and tear.

The experts also recommend warming your car up for a few minutes. Gould's SUV may be ready, but he's ready for winter to be over.

“I'm not a winter person at all. I want to move some place warm," laughs Gould.

One more thing to point out is, resist the urge to wash your car. It may seem like a good idea to get all that dirt and salt off, but the water could actually freeze your doors, windows, and trunk.

Yona Gavino

Yona Gavino

Yona joined TODAY'S TMJ4 as a general assignment reporter in April 2013. Before moving to MIlwaukee, Yona spent two and a half years as a reporter at the NBC affiliate in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.