'Stop the Violence' domestic violence resources

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'Stop the Violence' domestic violence resources

By Dawn Dugle. CREATED Oct 21, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 22, 2013

MILWAUKEE - One in six women has been a victim of rape or attempted rape.  TODAY’S TMJ4 is working to "Stop the Violence”.  Experts from Milwaukee’s Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault were there Tuesday to answer your questions.

Even a year and a half after she got out of her relationship, this woman is too afraid to let us show her face on television.

But it's not her face that's important, it's her story.

"Jane" tells TODAY’S TMJ4 her boyfriend started abusing her about three months into the relationship. She couldn't believe it was happening to her.

"I was always like, no! That could never be me,” emphasizes Jane.

She called police, got restraining orders, but always forgave him.

"There was no way to get out of it, because I was ashamed, guilty, and embarrassed," shared Jane.

Jane admits he beat her up and abused her mentally and verbally as well.

"I wanted to kill myself and everything. I was blaming myself as much as he blamed me," says Jane.

She finally mustered the courage to leave him for good. She’s been at women’s shelter since then. But her ultimate dream is to live independently, get her own place, and return to school. Jane hopes when her kids are older they'll know she's a survivor.

Domestic Violence is an epidemic in our society. It knows no racial, economic or gender barriers. No one is immune and the statistics are staggering:

  • Three million women will be abused by a boyfriend or spouse - this year alone. 
  • One in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime. 
  • Three women are murdered every day by a domestic partner. 
  • One in five female high school students has been abused by a date.
  • 40% of teenage girls knows someone beaten by a boyfriend.
We also have a list of domestic violence resources, here: