Suspect named in deadly hit-and-run accident

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Suspect named in deadly hit-and-run accident

By Annie Scholz and James Kust. CREATED Aug 13, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 13, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Police have confirmed the man arrested yesterday in the hit-and-run death of Andrea Barringer is named Edwood Hastings.

Hastings has been arrested for "duty upon striking." He has a criminal history, including another hit and run charge in 2007.

Hastings has been in custody since Monday morning in connection to the death. His vehicle, a older model 2000 GMC or Chevrolet Blazer, has also been seized. He was found based on a tip from a citizen.

Barringer was hit and killed Sunday night as she tried to cross the street outside Comet Cafe on Milwaukee's east side.

"I'm very sorry for the family, but I don't know what Ed's going through because he's a very emotional boy," says Mel Hastings, Edwood's father.

Mel and Sue Hastings were reduced to tears over their son Edwood's arrest in the hit-and-run that killed 32-year-old Andrea Barringer.

"I love you and I'll be backing you up 110%," says Mel.

"I know how the other people feel," explains stepmother Sue Hastings. "Losing a family member."

They say they last saw Ed about a month ago.

"And he bought himself his car and he got himself a nice apartment and paid a whole year's rent and he was doing really well," says Sue.

They tell Today’s TMJ4’s Annie Scholz they had no clue Ed has a criminal history including theft, disorderly conduct, and another hit-and-run back in 2007. They're a family trying to understand, while grieving for their son, and a woman they've never met.

"It was quite a shock," remembers Mel. "I mean, I never dreamed anything like this could have happened."

Formal charges could come as early as Wednesday.