Supreme Court hears arguments on Act 10 today

Supreme Court hears arguments on Act 10 today

By Jon Byman. CREATED Nov 11, 2013

MADISON - It's by far the most controversial legislation in Wisconsin in decades.  Today, Act 10 goes before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Justices will hear arguments in cases brought by teachers in Madison and public workers in Milwaukee.

The Supreme Court has ruled on Act 10 previously, but not on the merits of the law itself.  The previous ruling involved whether Republicans followed the law when passing Act 10.  The court ruled they did.

Now, justices will rule on whether major provisions of the law are legal.  The court will also consider a lower court's contempt ruling against the state.  A judge in Dane County issued an injunction preventing the state from enforcing portions of the law.  There was a disagreement about who that ruling applied to.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments today, but it's not expected to rule for months.