Support growing for MCTS supervisor fired for Good Samaritan act


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Support growing for MCTS supervisor fired for Good Samaritan act

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Dec 27, 2013

MILWAUKEE - He thought he was doing a good deed by helping a woman who was trying to get away from her boyfriend, but then he lost his job as a bus driver supervisor for Milwaukee County Transit.

Now, there is a growing push for Bill Bierman to get his job back.

"I thought I was being a good citizen," Bierman said.

Bierman's been out of work for two months now.  He was working on a broken down bus when he saw a woman, screaming for help.

"She looked straight at me and pleaded, 'Please help me. God, please help me,' " recounted Bierman.

He ran over to try and help and says all he did was grab that man's hands.  Then, several days later, the Milwaukee County Transit System fired him.  His termination letter says it's for violating the workplace policy on violence.

A growing list of people think his former employer is the one who did something wrong.

That list includes some heavy hitters like Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan and Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor who's on the transportation committee.

"I understand we have rules, but when you do the right thing, you shouldn't be terminated, you shouldn't be fired," said Taylor.

He thinks Bierman should get his job back.

"Well I hope that there can be some leverage from the county executive, or county board, or just outcry from the general public to say this individual did the right thing," said Taylor.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Michele Fiore went to the transit system office to see if they would talk to her. but no one would. She was told to leave information at the front desk. 

Alderman Donovan and others hope MCTS officials change their mind.

"What we have here is a few bureaucrats behaving like machines instead of using the God-given common sense that we all have," said Donovan.

Michele Fiore

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