Sue Black gets ready for the season


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Sue Black gets ready for the season

By Annie Scholz . CREATED Dec 6, 2013

MILWAUKEE - She was suddenly fired as Milwaukee County Parks Director. But Sue Black is now back and making as owner of the Milwaukee Wave soccer team.

"I love it. I absolutely love it. I mean, things happen and you move on and this has just been a blessing," said Black.

Black was abruptly fired from the county last year in a move that made headlines for months. She'd built a reputation for doing more with less.

"In my other venues that I've taken that people weren't supporting it as much as they should, Bradford Beach or the Domes or whatever, and now everybody goes to them and this was kind of the same challenge," said Black.

Black's first season is already off to a great start: undefeated on the road.

And it was a game in Baltimore that really resonated. "I didn't go in the locker room but I was just listening to the energy, the joy, the noise that was coming out of there. Those guys, they set a goal and they attained it and that's how I live my life and to see them do that and to be able to share it with them, it's just priceless," said Black.

Coach Keith Tozer has been with the team for two decades and says he's as excited for this season as he was for the first.

"It starts from the top and Sue's that kind of person. We feel her energy. I know the players do and the franchise does," said Tozer.

A new era, and a new path for a woman who's used to paving the way.

"Just come to one game and I'm telling you once you come, you're going to get hooked. I did,” said Black.

The home opener starts at 6 p.m. Saturday. And for music fans, the rock group Daughtry will be performing.