Stolen thumb drive found


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Stolen thumb drive found

By Shannon Sims. CREATED Jan 9, 2014

MILWAUKEE- For two-and-a-half months thousands of Milwaukee city workers have been on edge after a thumb drive holding personal information was stolen.

"Immediately I took advantage of the ID protection that was offered," says Peggy Luckow, " I continue to get updates."

But today, it was an email Peggy Luckow received from the city, that eased her nerves.

Late Thursday afternoon, Mayor Tom Barrett announced police recovered the thumb drive in an unrelated case.

He feels confident city workers' data has not been compromised.

"Forensic testing at this time shows the flash drive was not used by anyone during this period which would be very good news for everyone involved," said Mayor Barrett.

"Indeed if it is discovered there is no threat, I am just going to take a big sigh of relief," said Luckow.

Luckow is not alone in that sentiment.

"I feel comfortable but still a little wary about it," said Erica Martinez, "I'm still going to watch it. "

"I am sure everyone was feeling some anxiety about it but it is great news," said city employee Lawanda Fletcher.

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