South Milwaukee flying high at 4-0


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South Milwaukee flying high at 4-0

By Tony Atkins. CREATED Sep 18, 2013

SOUTH MILWAUKEE - You don’t have to be at the Kennedy Space Center to see rockets taking off these days, thanks to the successful launch of South Milwaukee’s high school football season.

After their 29-14 win over Brown Deer last Friday, the Rockets are flying high at 4-0 to begin the season.

Ironically, to keep flying high against Brown Deer last Friday, the Rockets would need to resort to the ground game to remain unbeaten against another then-undefeated Falcons team.

Against Brown Deer, the Rockets piled up the rushing yards, running for 251 yards.

Friday ended up being a big night for the Rockets’ Ian Pribyl and co-captain Allen Walter, who finished with 117 and 90 yards rushing, respectively.

Walter feels that tempering that excitement of a winning record is the key to their early success.

“Our goal is to go 1-0 every week,” said Walter.

“We knew it was going to be a big game but if we treated it anything more than that, we didn't want it to get to our head really.”

On the field Friday, Rockets’ coach John Galewski wasn’t hard to spot as he made his presence heard. It wasn’t hard at all to spot his intensity as he coached his team on.

At the same time, he trusted that his guys knew the magnitude of this early matchup.

“When you're playing another team that's undefeated like you are, it wasn't a matter of me getting them focused. They did a pretty good job of that all week and they knew what was at stake,” said Galewski.

Ian Pribyl was a major contributor last week with his 117 yards. He acknowledged that the coaching he continually receives from Galewski and his staff really helps puts things into context to motivate the team.

“Our coaches really prep us well for games and they give us really good pep talks that really carry through about like 'this is ours, this is our place, we have to defend our home,’ so that really helps,” said Pribyl.

The fans were also a big factor, according to Pribyl, as they packed South Milwaukee Friday night. The student section even went “deer hunting” on Friday as they donned hunting gear for the game against Brown Deer Falcons, which caused a little confusion for some.

“There was a little bit of controversy about that because there were the Falcons and it said hunting for deer. So I don't know, it was kind of weird,” said Pribyl jokingly.

The Rockets will not have the luxury of being at home this week, as they take on Whitnall.

For the time being, the Rockets will continue to fly high and they are this week’s Team of the Week.