Some already camped out for Black Friday deals


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Some already camped out for Black Friday deals

By Jesse Ritka. CREATED Nov 26, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 26, 2013

GREENFIELD – TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka went searching for some of the brave souls sitting outside Best Buy stores in line already for Black Friday deals.  Ritka found two tents outside the Greenfield store.

“Excuse me?  Anybody in there?  I think that's cheating the system,  putting the tent out… nobody inside? We'll see about this one (next tent).  Seriously, there's nobody inside... look at that.  I'm perplexed!"

Ritka says you can’t blame the tent owners for not being inside their tents, especially when temperatures are well below average for Thanksgiving.  But hearty Wisconsinites go shopping in shorts in the winter, well some do, but camping outside in this cold takes courage.

A laser temperature gun took a measurement of 31 degrees outside the ten, but inside the tent the laser measured 50-55 degrees.  That doesn’t factor in wind chill, which would be even colder but the tent acts a block to the wind and essentially helps make it feel better than being directly outside in the elements. 

Even with this help, no one could be found inside the tents set up outside the store.  But soon, Joe Butschli walked right out of Best Buy, “They must make a lot of money on me this week because I'm either buying stuff that's on clearance now and then Black Friday."

As for his temporary tent neighbor, Butschli knew exactly where he was, "He went home quick to shower, that's okay because I gotta sit next to him for a couple days."

This is Joe’s 5th year being first in line at Best Buy, so he’s used to dealing with more than Mother Nature, "I think it's a little silly, it's a little cold for this," Jamie Tietyen says as he looks at the tents leaving Best Buy himself.

Working in construction Butschli has this week off and even if he didn’t set up camp outside the electronics shop, he would still be outside, “It was either this or go deer hunting and I said well you know, I'll do this again and I'll said maybe one year it might stop but until it’s like a record low temperature or a lot of snow, that might be a few years down the road yet.”

Joe has developed a love for the line outside Best Buy, and it’s not just because of the deals he gets, “Last year we had a big circle going here, just about everybody from the front of the store and we were all just sitting in a circle, talking, chatting.”

For Butschli, a combination of camaraderie and cashing in on the extreme cuts Black Friday offers make his wait worth it, "It seems like there are more deals online lately, or at least really close to what this is that it's actually turning into eh, it's just fun!  I've done it for so many years, that I just gotta keep doing it now."

The lines outside stores will continue to increase over the next few days and the people waiting in those lines will be hoping the temperature will increase as well.  Click here for the latest video forecast from Storm Team 4.

Jesse Ritka

Jesse Ritka

Jesse Ritka joined TODAY’S TMJ4 and Storm Team 4 in February 2011 as the “Live at Daybreak” weekend meteorologist. Growing up in Prior Lake, Minnesota, Jesse has always been fascinated by storms.