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Soldiers' parents react to Fort Hood shooting


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Soldiers' parents react to Fort Hood shooting

By Charles Benson. CREATED Apr 2, 2014

RANDOM LAKE - It's been a nerve-wracking night for Wisconsin parents who have sons and daughters at Fort Hood.

In Random Lake, two families are on edge for two different reasons.

One has a son at Fort Hood right now the other had a daughter on post during the first deadly shooting.

Fort Hood is home to Al Kleckner's son Adrian but he wasn't on base during the shooting.

"Oh I was very concerned," said Kleckner. "2009 it was pretty devastating."

The Kleckner's are a proud Army family. Adrian just returned from a 9 month tour in Afghanistan.

"We love all our children  But Adrian is serving our country and it's always on our minds."

Lisa Pfund's nerves are on edge- again. Her daughter Amber was one of

30 soldiers wounded by flying bullets during the first shooting at Fort Hood in 2009.

"I went on Facebook and I thought not again," said Lisa. Wednesday's shooting brought back a flood emotions.

"Oh, I was a wreck."

At first, Amber didn't know she had been shot. She was too busy pulling wounded soldiers to safety and rushing them to the hospital. For good reason she was later called a Hero.

It's been five years since Amber was injured in the Fort Hood shooting.

Her Mom now has a military wall of pictures and plaques to remember an American hero.

"It shouldn't have happened again," said Pfund. "I thought things were put in place where it wouldn't happen again."

Amber is no longer in the military. Her mother says she still struggles with bad memories and days like Wednesday only make it worse.

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