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Shutdown cancels 8th graders' Washington, D.C. trip


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Shutdown cancels 8th graders' Washington, D.C. trip

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Oct 2, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 2, 2013

BURLINGTON - The government shutdown has furloughed more than 300 National Parks workers. Because of that, visitors can't get into the Washington Monument.  So, three Racine County schools expecting to leave Wednesday for their eighth grade class trip decided to postpone it, and that has left students and staff disappointed.

"It's sad that they have to close Washington and all its monuments for what?" questioned Sister Margaret Pietsch, principal of St. Charles School in Burlington.

So class is in session at St. Charles, St. Mary's and St. Thomas Aquinas schools, and students are certainly getting a real life lesson in how government works.
"I did look it up on the internet like this morning and Tuesday, I did," said Grace Boyle, an eighth grade student.  Boyle says when she saw news that the Washington monuments were shut down, she said "Dangit!" to herself.
As school officials try to reschedule the eighth grade trip they planned, they're finding it difficult.
They had arranged to lay wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery, but apparently that is something that must be done a year in advance. So, Sister Margaret is thinking that will no longer be possible. She says they're hoping to travel to Washington D.C. in November.  They've already been told the first week is also not possible.
"Life doesn't always um, work the way we want it to.  Sometimes we get something thrown at us that's difficult to handle and we do so. Don't we? Yes. Sure," said Pietsch.
Michele Fiore

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