Packers bring in booming business

Packers bring in booming business

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Jul 23, 2013

GREEN BAY -  Thousands of fans are returning to Titletown for the unofficial start of the Packers season.

Tomorrow is the annual Packers Shareholders Meeting, and Friday is the first day of training camp.

Both events a big deal for local businesses.  Hotels are sold out and the stadium bar district is packed once again.

The Springhill Suites has 127 rooms. None are available this week.
"Anything that has to do with training camp family night preseason, those are automatic sell out nights," says Assistant General Manager Sarah Van Buren 
At Stadium View Bar and Grill, business quadruples every start to training camp.
"Our staff goes up by at least 50 percent. At least. So it's a large influx of money," says owner Jerry Watson.
So in the end, businesses understand, Packers equals money.