Flooding reported after Thursday storms

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Flooding reported after Thursday storms

By Todd Hicks and Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Aug 22, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 22, 2013

WEST ALLIS - A fast-moving storm knocked out power for thousands of WE Energies customers in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties Thursday.

More than two inches of rain fell in cities like West Allis. Ron Dragan lives near 91st Street. He said he lost power around 9:30 am and watched as crews attempted to restore electricity. His rain gauge in his backyard showed it rained more than 2.5 inches in just over two hours.
"We need it, it's good for the lawns and the gardens, but I don't need my roof to be leaking," said Dragan.
The intersection at West Sunset Drive and South West Avenue were blocked because of high water in Waukesha. Rescue crews had to help a woman after her car stalled in nearly a foot of water.
Rawson Avenue remained closed down between 6th and 10th in Oak Creek because a couple of feet of water covered the busy road. Police were rerouting drivers during rush hour as DPW Crews attempted to clear a blockage preventing water from draining away. 
WE Energies had restored power to the majority of it's customers as of 5 pm.