Sensenbrenner, Johnson comment on military force in Syria

Menomonee Falls Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sensenbrenner, Johnson comment on military force in Syria

By Rick Lindfors with James Kust. CREATED Sep 4, 2013

WASHINGTON - Two of Wisconsin's elected officials have weighed in on what they think of the President's request to use military force in Syria.

Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has voiced his disapproval of a military intervention in Syria.

“The actions by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime are reprehensible, but Congress did not set the red line for military action in Syria – President Obama did,” he said in a statement.

Sensenbrenner also said the current plan for military action will not improve the condition of the Syrian people or serve the interests of the United States. He intends to vote against the plan when it enters the House.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), who sits on the Committee on Foreign Relations, says it's too soon for him to make a decision on which way he'll vote. In a statement Wednesday, he said:

“The vote on a resolution to authorize military force in Syria was taken only 25 hours after formal hearings began. There were so many unanswered questions that I could not even consider voting 'yes.' It is unfortunate that a matter of such gravity was so inappropriately rushed. It is the job of President Obama and members of his administration to demonstrate why military action in Syria is in our national security interest.  Until I cast the final vote, I will keep an open mind as I continue to seek answers to my questions.”