Search history paints eerie picture of alleged Hartford killer

Daniel Bartelt has been charged in the murder of Jessie Blodgett.

Search history paints eerie picture of alleged Hartford killer

By Keller Russell. CREATED Aug 1, 2013

HARTFORD - Police have laid out how they linked Daniel Bartelt to the murder of Jessie Blodgett and the attack of another woman.

But the resounding question from the community of Hartford is why? What was the motivation?

The days leading up to 19-year-old Daniel Bartelt’s arrest for first degree murder and attempted murder paint an eerie picture; one far from the quiet student known for his love of the arts.

According to court documents, detectives found a book in Bartelt’s bedroom titled “The Interpretation of Murder” and a troubling internet history on the teen’s laptop.

On July 9, just three days before his first alleged attack, a search for “Lonesome Death of Hattie”, a Bob Dylan song about a man who killed for no reason.

They found a search for “serial killers wiki” and “list of serial killers by the number of victims” two days later. They say he went on to search Columbian and South African serial killers by name.

One of whom “lured his victims to secluded places, raping and strangling them.”

Jessie Blodgett was found bound and strangled.  The other woman was attacked in a park.

Bartelt’s search history also included “spree killer”.  The definition he was given: “someone who kills two or more victims in a short time in multiple locations.”

The alleged behavior, Bartelt’s attorney says, is out of character. He has a clean criminal record and was a good student before dropping out of college in December of 2012.

His family described Bartelt as “depressed” when he returned home to Hartford.

A judge has ordered a mental evaluation to determine if Daniel Bartelt is competent to stand trial or in his own defense.