Fugitive officer surrenders after standoff with SWAT team

Fugitive officer surrenders after standoff with SWAT team

By The Associated Press, Annie Scholz, and James Kust. CREATED Aug 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 6, 2013

GREEN LAKE - The manhunt for fugitive cop Brad Young came to a dramatic end in northwest Wisconsin Tuesday evening.


Tim Cluppert's farm house in Green Lake looked more like command central Monday morning as officers searched high and low for one of their own.

"I saw a lot of officers in the morning and I saw them fully dressed in armour and everything," says Cluppert. "There's a landing strip down there and they were standing down there and probably about a dozen cops down the road."

That was the beginning of a massive manhunt for Waupun Lieutenant Brad Young. Authorities say Young broke into the restaurant across the street from Cluppert's home around 1:00 a.m. Monday, then fled. His colleagues were shocked.

"He always treated his work professionally. I depended on him as my day shift supervisor and the officers who worked with him looked up to him as a leader," says Waupun PD Deputy Chief Scott Louden.

Two foot chases, two stolen cars, and two days later, Young was surrounded by SWAT teams at a house hundreds of miles away near Rice Lake. Residents in the area were on high alert.

"We just hunkered down, stayed in the house. We locked the doors up, made sure there were no keys in the vehicles."

Cornered, Young gave himself up Tuesday night. His run had come to an end. The questions about why he did it were just beginning.

Young is in jail on burglary charges.