School administrator accused of sexual assault faces new charges

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School administrator accused of sexual assault faces new charges

By Charles Benson and Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Aug 12, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 12, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The former principal of a charter school in Milwaukee showed up in court Monday, and now faces additional charges - 23 total.

Ronn Johnson had originally been accused of assaulting at least three boys, but there are now at least five victims accusing him of inappropriate behavior.

The 30 page criminal complaint says Johnson was a "father figure" to the the teens who called himself the "godfather." His alleged victims were his "godsons".
Three of the five victims making sex abuse allegations are brothers.
No one answered at his Brown Deer home. The words Faith, Relax and Believe are in the front window. 
It's here the now-fired administrator of the YMCA Young Leaders Academy Charter School is accused of abusing some teens during sleep overs.
"When I first heard I was surprised," said neighbor Angela Carin. 
She met Johnson when she first moved in but never suspected anything unusual.
"I've seen a lot of children come and go from his property and I didn't know him well enough to know if they were his children and friends of his children." 
During the investigation police say they found letters addressed to Johnson in his home from a man in prison who says he was sexually assaulted by Johnson as a young boy.
The now 24-year old writes: "Why were you making me do those thing to you, and why were you doing them to me? Sexually?"  He later wrote: "You sexually molested me. Why?" 
Residents are watching the case closely to see if Johnson gets out on bail.
"I would be concerned about it, sure. I think there's now a new level of awareness that no one had before," said Carin.

Johnson's bail is still set at $100,000. His lawyer says the charges will be vigorously contested.