San Francisco 49ers flag stolen and burned in Germantown backyard

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San Francisco 49ers flag stolen and burned in Germantown backyard

By Shannon Sims and Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Sep 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 6, 2013

GERMANTOWN - Packers fans are passionate about their team, yet the passion for the green and gold may have gone too far in one Germantown neighbhorhood.

Kelly Siva-Fleitz, a diehard 49ers fan, woke up Thursday morning to find someone had not only ripped down her 49ers flag from the side of the house, but had also burned her the flag in her back yard.

"It's a flag, it's a football game, it's not like it's some war. It's not some political anything, it is a football flag," Siva-Fleitz explains. "But because the game is Sunday and we beat them last year it might be a sore subject - there is still no excuse for burning a flag. "

Her neighbor agrees.

"Its just not right, everyone has their right to cheer for who they would like to cheer for - just unacceptable behavior, " said Packers fan Kim Hahn

And while the vandals may have burned Kelly's flag, the senseless act has not snuffed out her team spirit.

"Never, diehard fan all the way."

"This is an unfortunate act of vandalism," said Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell. "One of the great things about Wisconsin is the passion we show our Green Bay Packers and other Wisconsin sports teams. Wisconsinites are known for the respect and courteous behavior we show towards our opponents and their fans."

The Germantown Police Department took the report Thursday morning, Sept. 5, three days before the Packers-49ers season-opening matchup.

"This resident obviously has a passion for the 49ers," Hoell continued. "They should be able to do so without fear of vandalism. Let’s not lose sight of that respect and sportsmanship."

Siva-Fleitz did file a police report. No suspects are in custody at this time.