Safety programs in place to protect postal carriers


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Safety programs in place to protect postal carriers

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Aug 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 23, 2013

WAUWATOSA - A man is facing two citations for disorderly conduct after he went after a postal carrier.

Lula Gholson lives across the street from the man accused of threatening the postal worker.  She let the carrier in her apartment for safety.
"I know she was scared," Gholson said.
"A gentleman was upset about not getting a check, so he confronted the carrier,"  said Postal Inspector Brian Haraway.
That man confronted not one, but two carriers two days in a row.  Haraway is hoping more neighbors like Gholson will keep an eye out for carriers, through a community partnership program called "Safe Haven."
"We have a safety program in place right now that we're going to try to step up in light of this incident," Haraway said.
Haraway explains they train carriers how to protect themselves.  He admits it wouldn't be practical for carriers to walk in pairs, and they won't be carrying guns either.
"It's not going to happen. It's not safe for every employee to have a weapon," Haraway said.
If you're wondering if the man's mail was delivered today, the answer is yes.  There were two postal inspectors keeping a close eye on the carrier. We did not see any problems today.  We tried to talk to the man, but no one answered the door.