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Rodgers is already looking forward to his life after the NFL

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rodgers is already looking forward to his life after the NFL

By Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Aug 15, 2013

GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers may be one of the biggest celebrities in Wisconsin, but if he had it his way, know one would know his name. The Packers quarterback sat down with Peter King of Sports Illustrated to talk about how his life has changed because of the game.

“I love our game, but to me, there’s too much access. It’s way over the top,” Rodgers said. “Everybody’s watching. Everybody’s listening. And social media: If I’m out, more than likely, there’s going to be a camera on me, and a picture or video’s going to show up somewhere.”

The former Super Bowl and NFL MVP said he feels bad for sports stars in college, because that constant access happens at a younger and younger age these days.

“Ten years ago, when I was in college, nobody was following anyone around,” he explained. "I could walk around campus [at Cal] and no one knew who I was. No Twitter."

Rodgers already has plans for what he wants to do after football. He would love nothing more than to “semi-disappear.”

“I love the game. The game’s been incredible to me," he explained. "But disappearing’s good too.”

It will probably be years before the 29-year-old gets his wish. Rodgers just signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Packers, and said money is a blessing but can’t buy happiness. He stressed how important it is for each player to find their identity outside the game.

The quarterback has already thought about retirement, and what he’d like to do next with his life.

“I’d like to coach somewhere at a high school, trying to help the next generation, trying to help the next kid overcome the odds and be the best he can be.”

You can read the full interview with Sports Illustrated here.