Restaurant in Menomonee Falls plowed in

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Restaurant in Menomonee Falls plowed in

By Michael Bischoff. CREATED Dec 11, 2013

MENOMONEE FALLS – After heavy snowfall, like what happened in southeast Wisconsin last weekend, local businesses are faced with two major problems. First, they need to clear the snow so customers can find enough parking. Then, they need to find a place to put it.

One Menomonee Falls woman wants to know what she did to get all that snow dumped in front of her restaurant.

"We've lived here together so many years, we should be good friends and good neighbors," Vassiliki Bavela, owner of Café Agora said.

After Sunday's storm, Bavela found a giant mound of snow in front of Café Agora. She thinks she was targeted because she hired her own plow service.

Bavela is working on a way to get it all removed.